Expansive Thinking, Invigorating Ideas

Courtney Watkins is the premier Thinker Upper!  Having built an original creative empowerment brand, Courtney propels kids and adults alike into creatively inspired lives. As an author, artist, teacher and TV personality-- she is the go-to resource to spark BIG thinking.  Courtney has ignited programs for Disney, CBS, The Jim Henson Company, Crane, Jiff, Target, Andrews McMeel Publishing and Little, Brown & Co.


Courtney is the author of three books: Field Journal: TrickitsDream It! Draw It! Think It! Do It! and Courtney’s Creative Adventures. She is also the creator of The Possibility Shop, a web series with The Jim Henson Company & Disney (recipient of 3 Webby Awards).  After living in New York and Los Angeles, Courtney has returned to her hometown of Kansas City with her husband, artist Jeff Robinson and their daughter, Mary Charles.

Courtney is like no one else I’ve ever met - an embodiment in how to be a creative adventurer with and for your kids.
— Margie Gilmore VP, Disney Online Originals
...original for its design and intense energy —a fantasic book for promoting confident self-expression! The activities are imaginative and they’re just kooky enough to motivate children to actually do them, not just read about them.
— Discovery Award for Excellence
Anyone who has seen Courtney on TV, read her book or attended a Creative Adventures workshop will ‘get her’ at once. Her uncanny ability to understand, to inspire, and to empower people — old and young alike — absolutely has to be witnessed. And she does it every single day.
— Fred O. Nelson, President of People's Choice
Courtney Watkins’ irreverence, whimsy and ability to inspire creativity make her a perfect partner...
— Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company
Courtney is an enigma— a flashback to the summer days of our youth - while, at the same time — she has a vision into the future on how we can all live more spontaneous, art-filled lives!
— Lisa O’Brien, VP of Sprout
… a quirky sense of humor give this activity book a casual, off-the-cuff vibe, as though readers are borrowing Watkins’s own notebook.
— Publisher's Weekly
Courtney Watkins is the Mary Poppins of the
new millennium.
— Donny Osmond
Courtney is my play idol!
She empowers parents with ideas on WHAT to do and HOW to do it
— Michele Whiteaker, Chief Promoter of Play in Orange County
Watkins’ book of offbeat, inspiring prompts will help get kids’ creative juices flowing.
— PEOPLE magazine
Courtney smells like flowers.
— Jack, age 6
Courtney opens up a door to finding the amazing
in the ordinary.
— Cynthia Jamin, Creator & Designer of Twirly Girl
When Courtney sings she sounds like a French lady.
— Susan, age 5 1/2