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Courtney Watkins' adventure learning experiences for kids are designed to bolster flexible thinking and boost self esteem through a zillion possibilities of things to discover, invent, explore, mastermind, create, puzzle over, unearth, imagine and play. 

                  “Courtney’s Creative Adventures . . . is ideal for inspiring kids to think in unusual and unique ways, 
                          and for giving them the confidence to express themselves with their own individual style.”         

                                                                                   — Discovery Award of Excellence  

"TRICKITS WILDERNESS CAMP" is a pro-kid, pro-planet adventure for kids aka Trickit Trekkers who discover the secret world of Trickits.   Kids collect evidence, train for the wilderness, establish communication with the wee species, build a village and complete field missions involving art, architecture, science, invention, history, mysteries, stories, language, codes, riddles and physical agility.              

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This is a "boutique" experience with small groups of kids ranging in age from 4.5-10. Mixed-age magic!  Each camp week is uniquely tailored for the participants based on collected information of the children's skill levels and interests. Camp Headquarters is Central Park with drop-off and pick-up on the north side of Turtle Pond.  Select your camp week choice from the list below.  If you wish to schedule an alternative week for your child(ren) and their buddies, contact


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