New York City Camp 2018

Copy of Copy of Trickits Camp Logo
Copy of Copy of Trickits Camp Logo

New York City Camp 2018

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Trickits Wilderness Adventure Camps created and lead by Courtney Watkins, nationally known as “The Kid Whisperer” has designed adventure learning programs for Disney and The Jim Henson Company and is now coming to New York!  

The Central Park program for kids ages 4.5 - 10 (mixed age magic!) is designed to: 
•Launch explorations in nature  •Inspire imagination  •Get kids moving
•Bolster flexible thinking  •Boost self esteem  •Promote independent play

A Trickits Wilderness Adventure Camp week propels kids into
imaginative, invigorating explorations in the great outdoors to discover
the secret world of Trickits, a wee species guarding Earth’s treasures.
Kids collect evidence, train for the wilderness, build a tiny village and
complete field missions involving art, architecture, science, invention, 
history, mysteries, stories, language, codes, riddles and physical agility. 

Summer Camps

July 16-20 / Monday-Friday / 10:00 - 2:00 / Central Park

$500/1 child • $950/2 siblings • $1375/3 siblings

July 23-27 / Monday-Friday / 10:00 - 2:00 / Central Park F U L L

Campers meet on the north side of TURTLE POND for drop-off and pick-up.  Look for the Trickits flag!   

If you would like to schedule an alternative camp week / wilderness day or location for your child(ren) and their buddies, contact Courtney with your preferred dates.

• Qs or to inquire about: Trickits Wilderness Parties, contact: Courtney.

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