Field Journal : Trickits

written and Illustrated by Courtney Watkins

MarCh Publishing

A secret book has been discovered... The handwritten pages reveal notes about a mysterious, pointer-finger sized species called Trickits.  With Field Missions propelling kids into fresh-air adventures, the world of this little-known, wee but mighty species is uncovered!  Do you have what it takes to be a... Trickit Trekker?      

"Instant camp for kids! "

"The Trickits experience delivers the wonderful wilderness of childhood."



Dream It! Draw It! Think It! Do It!
Activities to Ignite Creativity

written and Illustrated by Courtney Watkins

Andrews McMeel Publishing

Loose b&w line art, hand-lettered text, and a quirky sense of humor give this activity book a casual, off-the-cuff vibe, as though readers are borrowing Watkins’s own notebook. Among the recurring activities are a “boomerang” feature that encourages acts of kindness (“What goes around comes around”), scavenger hunts for various settings, poetry-creating exercises, and assorted drawing and lettering prompts, such as lining up birds on a telephone wire or filling in a blank picture frame labeled “The Tiniest Tourist.” Nods to German, French, and Spanish phrases are just a few ways this book aims to stretch readers’ vocabularies and intellects, even as it stays committed to off-kilter creative fun. Ages 7–12.

Publishers Weekly


Courtney's Creative Adventures

written and Illustrated by Courtney Watkins

Little, Brown and Company

Courtney's Creative Adventures: Zillions of Ideas for Things to Squish, Wonder About, Play, Squint At, Invent, Decorate, Do, Smell, Imagine, Investigate, Paint, Make, Puzzle Over, and Dream! by Courtney Watkins offers a plethora of suggestions for hands-on fun (one per page), such as creating a "time-travel cottage" out of a cardboard box, hosting a tea party and organizing a scavenger hunt. The author's childhood photos and doodles illustrate the offering in scrapbook style; fill-in-the-blank pages encourage interaction.

Publishers Weekly