New Perspectacles

Pitching Pasta


We had pasta last night.
And a great deal of plain spaghetti noodles left over.
Just sitting in the colander... like an Italian bird's nest.

What to do? Wrap it up, stick in the fridge with the very unreal notion
that we'd eat it?  Leftover plain pasta just doesn't have a second life in our

But I couldn't just throw it away.

So I called MarCh into the kitchen and tossed it to her.  The whole clump.
Shock!  "Momma!"  Oh, the look was delicious!
We then proceeded to have a good ol' game of pasta catch in the yard,
laughing til we got the hiccups and stopping only to drink a cup of
water upside down.

Highly recommended.... the game of Catch the Pasta (upside down water drinking optional).